Five Tips to Successfully Work from Home During COVID-19

2 years ago

Five Tips to Successfully Work from Home During COVID-19

With the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changing how companies operate across the United States, many businesses are encouraging or requiring employees to work from home in order to keep them safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.  

Working from home can be challenging

For some, working from home is second nature. While for others, it has been a difficult transition and is taking time to establish a new normal. In addition to creating a personal new rhythm, many are adjusting to a spouse also working from home and maintaining educational needs for their children.

Helping workers be successful and more productive

There is an abundance of information online with tips and tricks for how to work from home.  We’ve boiled it down to five recommendations guaranteed to make your work from home transition a success.

  1. Follow a regular routine: Sticking with a familiar work routine is an ideal way to stay organized and on track. Wake up at your regular time, get dressed for work, and start and end your day at your usual time. 
  2. Carve out a dedicated workspace: Establishing a space at home only for work is the best way to stay focused, avoid distractions and be more productive. As you create your new workspace, be sure your station is set-up with ergonomics top-of-mind. This will help reduce injuries to your back, neck and wrists.

    Reference the Office Ergonomics checklist below to ensure that your workspace is supporting your body.

    Five Tips to Successfully Work from Home During COVID-19
  3. Prepare for distractions: Create an action plan to deal with distractions like children or family members, pets and even the news. Try not to fall into habits like watching television while you work or spending time on social media.
  4. Stay connected: Leverage today’s vast array of communication technologies to stay connected and collaborate with colleagues.  Keep the lines of communication open to help get through your workday and support your personal well-being.
  5. Self-care: The best way to be productive is to stay healthy, which means you need to take breaks, eat healthy, exercise and rest. As state and local declarations change every day, it can sometimes feel a bit surreal. Remember this is temporary – we will get through it. The current situation can feel stressful and overwhelming. While it is important to maintain your normal work schedule, it is equally important to manage your mental health needs. This may mean you need to turn off the television at night, go for a walk outside during your lunch break, call a friend, or maybe even contact a professional for clinical guidance. There is no shame in any of it. Many employers offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which can offer a variety of support and resources to you and your family. 

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