One Call Care Diagnostics connects claims professionals easily and reliably to qualified high-end diagnostic providers nationwide.

Streamline efficiency:

  • Our customized reporting capabilities demonstrate savings and usage.
  • Ease of use solutions such as EasyReferral, Rapid Transfer, Authorized eResponse, and streamlined communication between One Call, the injured worker and the testing facility saves time and improves efficiencies.
  • One Call is able to schedule 40% of patients within 4 hours.
  • Your team is more efficient, focused on the things that are most important and claims move faster.

Reduce overall claims cost:

  • One Call enable sound claim decisions with an unparalleled diagnostic management program using sophisticated analytics to identify areas of leakage and put in place a plan to correct and block those points of leakage.
  • One Call helps payers reduce their total universe of advanced diagnostics spend by an average of 20%
  • You can make good business decisions based on facts and be confident costs are managed and contained.

Optimize quality of care:

  • Quality diagnostic tests and accurate results from national credentialed providers
  • Adherence to industry standards, an ongoing quality improvement process;
  • Radiology and Neurodiagnostic Medical Advisory Boards to guide quality standards.
  • One Call providers are considered partners.
  • Your day-to-day headaches are reduced and your injured workers are getting back to work faster by receiving the best care.

Thought leadership/community:

  • We place a high value on education, striving to provide expert guidance and recommendations to our clients, colleagues and team members.
  • One Call is an authoritative source to help answer key business questions, enhance industry knowledge and keep informed of the latest in industry trends, innovative approaches and solutions and cutting edge developments in the Workers’ Compensation industry.